Sunday 12 February 2012

Sunday Beauty Blog Catch Up

I hope you have all had a good weekend.  I've had a fairly relaxing one, I went out for lunch yesterday with hubby and a cheeky glass of vino, we popped into a gallery to see a new exhibition and finished off with a yummy banoffee cupcake from Bibi's! Today has been less relaxing with a 10k run, but I now have my feet up on the sofa with a lovely pot of tea. 

Lets have a look at some of the blogs you may have missed this week:

Addict For Dramatics - MeMeMe Seventh Heaven Face Base: Kayleigh has a great review of a primer from MeMeMe, a brand that I don't think I actually have anything from yet.  

Skin Scrubs - Japonesque Callus Shaver: Annabella has a review of something  you don't think about much but that I find essential, especially with Spring on its way and sandal season just round the corner.

Lipstick Musings - Review of Laura Mercier Plum Smoke Matte Eye Colour: I am in love with all things from Laura Mercier at the moment and this eyeshadow is calling my name!  I am usually a shimmer girl but this matte looks very sophisticated and easy to blend.

Sugarpuffish - Natural Face Mask: A review of a natural facemaks from Pure Thoughts, a brand I was previously unaware of but am now itching to try, especially as I have learnt they have have small sample packs you can buy.

Lil' Lady's Life - My Everyday Mac Palette: This post reminded me that strangely I don't have any of the 'staple' Mac neutrals that most bloggers swear by.  Think next payday, I will be looking into putting together a Mac neutrals palette!

Hope your week is good and you enjoy what remains of Sunday.



  1. I feel like I have missed a lot over the past few weeks, I'm finally getting around to having a catch up on all the blogs I follow Xx

  2. ooh what a great idea for a post! xx