Wednesday 7 December 2011

Beauty products from the (not so distant) past…!

A couple of weeks ago, I was reminder of some beauty products that I used to be absolutely obsessed by in my teens (the 90s in case you were wondering!) but that just seemed to fade away and are now no longer available, some for good reason! Does anyone else remember any of these?

Dior Hair Mascara
This was possibly one of my first forays into high end brands at the age of 14/15 and I remember being really excited when it came out. It was essentially just as it sounds, a mascara that deposited highly pigmented streaks of colour in your hair and you applied with a mascara wand! As my mum wouldn’t allow me to dye my hair blue, this wash out highly pigmented dye was perfect and I often wore streaks in my (then brunette) hair. Blue was my favourite colour but it also came in Gold, Red and I think a bronzy colour, amongst others. They were about £13 which was a lot of money to me then! Now, when I think about other Dior products, it does seem a little strange that they sold this..!

Colour Changing Lipsticks and Nail Polishes
I’m not sure which brand I bought these from, but I do remember purchasing a blue lipstick which turned a rather vibrant purple on my lips which seemed a good idea at the time. There were also, mood nail polishes to go with your mood rings which every self-respecting 80s girl had to own! These days, Smashbox’s O-Glow for lips is essentially the same thing but a more refined version. 

Body Shop Bath Oil Balls
For those of us who grew up in the 80s and 90s and remember purchasing virtually everything from the Body Shop at one time or another, these bath oil balls were almost first generation bath bombs. Sold in huge hoppers in store, you could pick the fragrance you preferred, from fuzzy peach to dewberry, and all for only 20p each. The only issue was if one of them happened to burst in your bag on the way home…..

Pout Cosmetics
These disappeared a few years ago which was a shame as I really liked them. I still have one of their minty lipgloses that give a bee-stung pout.
Do you remember any other weird and wonderful products that are no longer available? I’m sure there must be more out there!


  1. I remember using a turqoise hair mascara when I was about 17 and thinking I was the bees knees lol!

  2. I used to use hair mascara haha I looked a mess Xx

  3. Haha I remember hair mascara. I too was obsessed with a blue one, I bet we all looked tragic :D x

  4. Good to see I wasn't the only one obsessed with hair mascara!