Thursday 15 December 2011

Review: Nars Orgasm Illuminator

On the whole, I really enjoy Nars products, but I do wish they would stop with the silly, juvenile names. I get that they are trying to be cheeky and provocative but it honestly seems a bit like they have asked a 13 your old boy to name some of them. But enough about their naming policy, how does their fabled Orgasm Illuminator measure up?

I first tried this product just after it was released as I received a very generous sample with another purchase from the Nars website. The sample lasted for ages and I immediately bought a full-size version which is still going strong.
Nars Orgasm Illuminator was launched to much fanfare around 18 months ago as the newest product to grace the ever popular Orgasm line. I already own the blusher and a mini version of the multiple (review here) and I was very eager to try the Illuminator to complete my trio of products. 

The first thing that struck me with Orgasm Illuminator was the scent which reminded me of chocolate orange. It was gorgeous! Thankfully it doesn’t stick around too long, otherwise my cheeks would smell good enough to eat, but it does smell rather delicious. The second thing I noticed is that it is quite runny and that you only need a tiny, tiny amount. A little goes a long way, and a tube will last you a long time. As you can see from the unblended swatch, it does look like a pretty pigmented peachy-bronze shade but when sheered out and blended in, it gives you a lovely glow and I find it is much more subtle than the Orgasm powder blush with less obvious sparkle, just a more underlying glow.

I apply it one of two ways:
  • I squeeze a little onto the back of my hand and taking a tiny dab, blend it onto my cheeks with my fingertips for a gorgeous glow. You can leave it like that and use it as a blusher, but I prefer to layer a powder blusher over it in a similar colour, either Nars Orgasm powder blush or Benefit Coralista is very similar. This ramps up the intensity a little and sets the illuminator, meaning your healthy glow will last much longer.
  • I have recently started to mix it in with my liquid foundation (Mac Matchmaster at the moment) on the back of my hand before applying all over the face. This gives a much more subtle effect and doesn’t in fact make you look like a discoball, as you may have imagined! This would probably look a little too sparkly on those with paler complexions but if you have a tan, it just enhances your glow.

A useful addition to the Orgasm family, this Illuminator is the perfect pairing with the powder blush and it a good way of adding a little sparkle or glow to your skin. For those who are expecting something akin to a crème blush, this is not the same, it is merely a liquid illuminator which you would use in a similar way to a powder one, and it is good to have additional formulations at your disposal. I personally love it, although I know some people have been disappointed with the pigmentation, expecting it to be as pigmented as it looks in the tube, but if you enjoy using the Orgasm powder blush, I think this would be a good purchase. Since I purchased it, I believe the packaging of the illuminator has changed slightly to a wider bottle and a flip top lid and the range has now expanded to include Super Orgasm, Copacabana and Laguna illuminators.

Price –£21.50
Where to purchase -Nars, Space NK, House of Fraser, HQ Hair   


  1. OOO i have to try this... the colour is perfect :D

  2. Sharon - It gives you a fab glow without looking overdone. I think you can sometimes get samples from the Nars website when you purchase other products.