About Me

Hello and welcome to my wee blog.

After reading and immersing myself in the writings and musings of a huge number of fellow bloggers I felt it was time to take the plunge myself since I have found many fantastic products through blog recommendations and also managed to save a few pennies from staying away from those which are not so fantastic. Hopefully I will be able to help some of you readers in making informed choices from the veritable myriad of choices out there!

So I’d better tell you a bit about me:

I’m rapidly approaching 30 and have found that over the last few years, my skincare requirements in particular have changed a lot and gone are the days when I could crash into bed after a night out without bothering to take my make up off and without my skin suffering the following day (not that I ever did that you understand…..)

I have a weakness for nail polish and and all things for the lips, lipgloss, lipstick, balm you name it, I have bought it and am constantly looking for the perfect shade.

There are many other things you should probably know about me such as my ability to walk in obscenely high shoes which sometimes probably push the boundaries of what is acceptable at work; my lust for owning a super cute Beagle puppy and my passion for Banoffee cupcakes. None of which are related to beauty but are all vitally important none the less!