Wednesday 11 July 2012

Beauty Products I Wish Could be Invented!

As much as. I like playing with beauty products, there are some that I wish would hurry up and be invented!

Self Cleansing Make Up Brushes

I'm so lazy when it comes to cleaning my brushes, I have even been known to buy new ones rather than wash old ones!  I know, the shame!  I wish there was some easy way of cleaning them, a product a bit like the Bourjois Express Nail Removal where you just put you brush in a  container and whip it out and ta da - its clean!  How amazing would that be?!

Lip Gloss that doesn't stick to everything in sight!

I very much enjoy wearing gloss but what I don't enjoy is the transfer from lips to cups, hair and husbands!  It gets everywhere, even the ones that claim to be less sticky.  I'd love a long lasting gloss that gave that fabulous glossy look without sticking to everything I come into contact with.  I can but dream!

Skintone Adapting Foundation

Now I know we technically have this already with BB Creams but I am talking about medium / full coverage foundation which adapts throughout the year, according to your skintone and is a cinch to blend.  I get fed up of having several different foundations on the go throughout the year depending on my tan (or lack of it this Summer) and this would be amazing.  I suspect this will never become a possibility though, even if the technology exists, as companies make far more money selling us multiple shades, grr.

Hair Dye Magic Pills

I spend a fortune on my hair every 6 weeks to essentially look exactly the same!  As a dark haired girlie who has an addition to bleach, every six weeks I hotfoot it to the salon to get my roots re-tinted.  I find it annoying, expensive and rather dull sitting in a chair for 2 hours.  I'd love it if I could take a magic pill each day and my hair would turn the colour I wished with no regrowth.  Why can't someone invent this?! 

What do you wish you could invent?


  1. This is such a great post. You have a lovely blog doll xx

    Happy Follower:)

  2. Great post, I totally agree with all of the above! Someone really needs to make those self-cleaning brushes! :) x

    1. Thanks! I know, there must be an easier way of cleaning them! x

  3. Self cleaning makeup brushes would be amazing! Although I'd much prefer a tablet that would make my skin amazing! Haha

    Lola x

    1. Oooh that would be useful - especially if it could make me look radiant after 3 hours sleep!!

  4. Oh god, I need the self cleaning brushes now. Laura x