Sunday 1 July 2012

June Empties

How can it be 1st July already?!  The year is flying past!  I've had another good month trimming my stash of products and haven't bought an awful lot either due to other expenses so, at long last, I actually have some space in my beauty draws!!

  • Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Face Wash (review here) - a well-priced face wash that I found particularly suited my oily / combination skin.  I think if you have normal / dry skin it would be a little harsh for you though.  I wouldn't repurchase, simply because I didn't think it was overly special or unique.  
  • The Body Shop Chocomania Body Scrub (review here)  - Loved this, it had just the right amount of scrubbiness present to exfoliate the skin and contained enough nourishing oils to ensure my skin was left supple and  moisturised.  I believe this is limited edition and will not be around for much longer so if you fancy trying it get along to a store soon!
  • No 7 Triple Protection Tinted Moisturiser in Medium / Fair - I've blogged about this tinted moisturiser from No7 many a time as its my go-to tinted moisturiser.  I love how it has SPF15 in it too.  I've lost count of how many tubes of this I have got through and I already have 2 back ups purchased with the Boots / No 7 vouchers, making it a bargain £7 a tube.  
  • Benefit They're Real Mascara (review here) - I have  a love / hate relationship with this mascara.  On the one hand it leaves me with lovely looking long lashes but on the other hand it is a nightmare to remove!  Despite my best efforts I still find traces of it on my lashes two days later.  I also found that it was making my sensitive eyes quite sore recently so it has been relegated to empties pile despite the fact there is still some product left and I've only had it a few months.  I would not repurchase as I think there are better and cheaper mascaras available.

  • Label.m Protein Spray - I've had this for ages and I think it originally came in a Christmas gift set a couple of years ago.  It is essentially a heat protectant spray which I found did the job well but no better than other similar sprays which are noticeably cheaper.  For this reason, I wouldn't repurchase.  
  • Cowshed Wild Cow Bath and Body Oil -  I don't think there have been any Cowshed products I've tried (save for the lipbalm) that I haven't loved and this bath oil is no exception.  Cowshed are my favourite bath oils due to their super-moisturising properties.  I think I already have a back up bottle of this waiting in the wings!
  • Batiste Blush - A handbag staple for me, I don't go anywhere without a mini can of Batiste these days.  Blush was a new scent for me and, I have to admit, not my favourite.  I much prefer the Tropical scent as it reminds me of holidays.  I will repurchase Batiste but not Blush.  

  • Lavera Hand Cream (mini review here) - a nice, quick absorbing hand cream.  It wasn't anything out of the ordinary but I did like that it was a natural product.  I would perhaps repurchase if I wasn't so in love with my L'Occitane hand creams! 
  • No7 Quick Thinking Wipes - I think these have replace the 4 in 1 wipes that No7 used to do but I can't really see any noticeable difference between the two.  I get through a ton of these, both for removing swatches and for refreshing my skin after exercise.  I usually stock up on them when the Boots / No 7 £5 voucher is floating about but I don't think they are particularly any better than most other wipes.
  • Clearasil Overnight Serum - I wouldn't normally purchase anything from Clearasil as I've previously found them rather harsh and stripping for my skin.  However I won this from their facebook page a while ago and I have to say I rather like it.  You only need to apply a tiny amount to any blemishes and it totally dries them up overnight.  You will need to ensure you apply a good dose of moisturiser the next morning though to ensure it doesn't leave you with very dry skin, but in terms of reducing blemishes and redness quickly, it does the job well.  I would consider repurchasing but I also want to try out the Origins Blemish Treatment Gel.
  • Olay Complete Care Daily Cream with SPF15 - A fairly standard moisturiser which includes added SPF15 as a bonus.  I found this did break me out a little as it was a little too rich for my combination skin.  I ended up using it on my dry elbows which actually worked quite well!  I wouldn't repurchase.
  • Dr Hauschka Hand Cream (review here) - a thick, but non-greasy hand cream.  This was a small travel-sized sample but unfortunately I couldn't abide the scent so I won't be repurchasing.
  • Dr Hauschka Quince Body Moisturiser (review here) - Another travel-sized sample which really wasn't enough to test properly.  Again, I wasn't overly fond of the scent so won't be repurchasing. 

Have you tried any of these products?
What have you finished up this month? 


  1. Tropical Batiste is my fave too but I think I want to try the cherry one next. I think the No7 wipes are so expensive for what they are.

    1. I agree, I have no idea who would buy the No7 wipes at full price!

  2. I get what you mean about the Tropical Batiste smelling like holidays, its so nice :D Laura x

    1. I do love the holiday smell on cold gloomy days! x

  3. I've tried the Clearasil Serum, I quite liked it too. May have to pick some up! I'm loving seeing an depositing monthly empties.

    1. Yes, I was pleasently surprised by the Clearasil as its not something I would normally try. x

  4. Well done, that's a nice stack of empties! It's always so satisfying hitting the bottom of a product! xo

    1. Glad someone else find it satisfying too! x