Tuesday 17 July 2012

Review: Max Factor Kohl in Black

Have you ever had that moment when you are away from home for a few days and you realise you have forgotten to pack your one essential beauty product? Last month, I went  away for the weekend to Aberdeen  and upon getting ready for my night out, realised I had forgotten to bring any eyeliner with me!

A quick dash to Boots was required, where I found this - Max Factor Kohl in Black. Now unlike many kohl which profess to be black and are in fact just a wimpy, washed out grey, this one is a super deep black.

I love how dark it is, yet it is still ultra soft and great for smudging for a sultry, smokey eye. I've been using it on the waterline and whilst I do find that it stays around without migrating underneath the eye, it does fade significantly after 5 hours. I haven't yet tested it on the upper lid as I tend to use pencils and kohls more on the waterline, but i would imagine it would last longer. 

This liner was a true lifesaver in a 'make up emergency' (if there can actually be such a thing!) and gives a deep, dark look which is perfect for a sultry look. Lasting power is not fantastic however, and you may need to reapply throughout  the day.

Price - from £4.49


  1. I can barely get to the corner shop without having a black kohl about my person :') Laura x