Sunday 27 November 2011

My Nars Multiple Collection

Luxor, Malibu, Orgasm

I was browsing through my makeup collection the other day when I realised that I hadn't posted anything about Nars yet, despite owning quite a few items from the brand, so I thought it was a good opportunity to let you see my small, but perfectly formed, Nars Multiple Collection.

I bought all of these about a year ago, in a Christmas Gift pack.  I love seasonal gift packs that allow you to try smaller versions of permanent products as its a great way of discovering more items from a brand, and as it takes me forever to finish a product, it doesn't really matter that they are smaller than the full size.  If you do want to purchase a full sized product, Multiples are available in a large 14g size, which is quite a difference from the 4g ones I purchased, and to be honest, I don't think you would ever manage to get through a full-sized product unless you used it every day.

Multiples are intended to be worn on your eyes, lips and cheeks, however I only use these on my cheeks as I find them too drying for my lips and they tend to crease easily when worn on the lids.  They are cream products and can be used in a similar manner to cream blushes.

The pack included what I think are three of the mainstays of the Nars Multiple collection: - 
Luxor - a light, shimmery pink / white highlighter
Malibu - a dark brown / pink which I have found needs to be used sparingly to avoid looking like I have been windburned!
Orgasm - the winner of the trio for me, the famous peach with gold shimmer running through it

L to R: Luxor, Malibu, Orgasm
The swatches above are heavy so that you can see the colours more clearly.  I tend to apply a quick swipe on my cheeks directly from the tube, and then blend quickly with my fingertips for a subtle glow.

I have found Luxor to be a little pale for my warm colouring and have had some difficulty in using it as I don't feel it suits me.  Malibu is useful in winter although a little goes a long way and only a tiny dab is needed to avoid overdoing it.  Orgasm is my most frequently-used multiple as I often use it in conjunction with the Orgasm powder blush over the top to set it and increase its lasting ability.

Although not terribly long-lasting on my combination skin (I get a maximum of 4-5 hours wear), I love Nars Multiples for their ease of use and their foolproof application.  I apply these with my fingers, although you could easily use a stippling brush for more control.  Nars often brings out special limited edition gift sets which are a perfect way to try some of their best known products so it is well worth keeping an eye on their website.

Price - sets are usually around £25-30, I'm not sure how much I paid for this one.  Full-sized multiples are £29
Where to buy - Nars, Space NK, ASOS


  1. Don't own ay multiples from Nars - would love to try some though... I have my eye on G-Spot :) xo

  2. I love Nars, I don't think I could live without my daily 'Orgasm' ...the Nars one that is!


  3. owww love those colours I haven't tried anything from Nars yet but see a lot of bloggers talking about it! Xx

  4. Celeste - yes, I quite fancied trying G-Spot too ;-)

    Forever Miss Vanity - yes, Orgasm is their best selling product for a reason.

    Claire Louise - Their blushes are a good place to start as they are all super pigmented and last forever.

  5. ooh ive been wanting to try Nars for a while ill have to keep an eye out for the sets thanks:)x