Tuesday 22 November 2011

Review: Benefit, Ticket to Glossytown

After 2 weeks holiday enjoying sunshine, elephants and too much tasty Thai food to mention, it is back to reality and work this week.  It seems like I have been away for ages and it was strange coming back to Heathrow to see Christmas decorations everywhere as they weren’t really any up before we went away.  My beauty routine went out of the window a little on holiday with the bulk of my time spent spraying Deet mosquito spray carefully over every inch of exposed flesh every morning to avoid getting bitten, as I have learnt from previous experiences that I am super tasty to mosquitoes!  Thankfully I only got a few small bites which have now more or less disappeared but the Deet has played havoc with my skin.  I have a couple of new items to test, including some Liz Earle products, so I am hoping they can get my skin back on track.

So just before I went on holiday, I had a mini spree in which I picked up these gorgeous looking mini glosses from Benefit – the ‘Ticket to Glossytown’ set.  In the past, I haven’t really purchased much from Benefit but I saw these whilst stocking up on essentials in Boots and thought they were so cute I just had to have them.  I took 3 of them on holiday with me too as they are so portable and they are easy to just pop in the smallest bag.

The Glosses

Kiss You – a mauve tinted purple which is certainly discernable on the lips.  This is the one gloss from the set which doesn’t have any visible sparkles.

Foxy Lady – A coral / pink hybrid with silver sparkle, one of my favourites but I do love corals.

Frisk Me  - this looks brown in the tube and the swatch but is actually very close to a my lips but better shade on me.

Nudie-tude – a pale nude with quite a lot of sparkles.  I didn’t think I would like this colour that much but it is quite a warm nude and goes well with a smoky eye.  

Life on the A List – a cute nude pink which goes well with a natural look.

Spiked Punch – a bright coral, with very subtle shimmer.  This will be gorgeous for summer too and was one of the staples of my holiday makeup.

Swatches of each gloss taken in natural (Scottish!) sunlight
L to R: Kiss You, Foxy Lady, Frisk Me, Nudie-tude, Life on the A List, Spiked Punch
As a newcomer to Benefit glosses I was quite impressed with these, they give about 1.5-2 hours wear on me which is fairly average for a gloss and I was pleased to find that they don’t all look identical once applied to the lips – Spiked Punch and Kiss You in particular were more pigmented than expected.  At 3ml, they are not huge but there is a decent amount of product and if you are anything like me, it will take you forever to finish regular sized glosses so these ones are perfect for trying out some of the range.  If you like a particular colour, they are all available in a larger 5ml size for £14.  There is a fruity scent to these but it fades away quite quickly and is not too overpowering.  One aspect of the glosses I was pleasantly surprised by was the shimmer and gltter as after the gloss wears off, there is not an unattractive layer of glitter left sitting on your lips which is common with other shimmer glosses.  In short, if you are a newcomer to Benefit glosses these are a great way to explore more of the brand.

Price - £19.50


  1. I love the look of this lipgloss set, the shades all look so pretty xxx

  2. Loks like a lovely set of lipglosses. Id be happyifni had this for christmas :-)

    Holli x

  3. the glosses look beautiful.

    p.s. Avon Skin So soft spray fresh (the green one) spray kills all mossies x

  4. Rachel - they are all gorgeous, there isn't one I don't like

    Holli - perhaps it could go on your Christmas wish list??

    Sandra - thanks, I had heard that there was something from Avon which kept them away but couldn't for the life of me remember what it was! Anything that is kinder to skin than Deet must be better.

  5. Wow love those colours! I really want to get this at some point but have to save all my money for Christmas presents needless to say I will be dropping hints to my man haha Xx

  6. I have to say I agree with you on these. I have this set and it was my first venture into Benefit lip glosses, but I really love them.

    Check out my review on them! http://apopofcolour.com/2011/12/08/the-holiday-collection-benefit-cosmetics-ticket-to-glossytown/

  7. Claire Louise - Hope your hints work, I usually find leaving webpages open on his laptop or phone works..!

    Shayna - Gift sets are a great way to try new items and colours aren't they. I'm very pleased with these too and have been wearing them a lot over the past few weeks as there is a colour to go with any look.