Saturday 26 November 2011

Review follow up: Nails Inc 3 Week Manicure

Prior to going on holiday, I booked myself in for a Nails Inc 3 week manicure, which I reviewed before I went away.  Last week, I went to have it removed and I thought I would show you a couple of picture of the growth over the 3 weeks and how my nails looked after it.

Nails Inc claim that their manicure lasts for 3 weeks, however as you can see from the photo above, there was a substantial amount of growth, although my nails do grow very quickly.  There was no chipping or discolouration present and aside from the growth, they seemed fine and it was much easier than having to paint them every few days when I was away.

Removal was fairly straightforward, with the tin foil method used whilst I had a glass of champagne or two (hic!).  A nail stick and file was used to remove the particularly stubborn sections of gel polish and the whole process took just under half an hour. 
I know my nails don't look their best here but I was pleasantly surprised at how strong and healthy they felt after having the gel on them for 3 weeks.  There were some marks left where the polish was difficult to remove but in general the nails themselves felt fairly healthy and I have not experienced any peeling or brittleness which I often suffer with. 

The removal itself is fairly basic and something you could do yourself easily.  I opted to have it done in store mainly as I get intensely frustrated at removing glitter polishes, and removing this myself would fill me with rage!  I was also a little wary of damaging my nails and felt that paying for removal on the odd occasion was worth it.  The price for removal however is way too high and I would suggest that this is mainly for the 'free' champagne.  As a one off for a special occasion I would recommend the manicure, although for regular manicures, you could easily find a local salon who offer similar products, such as Shellac, for much cheaper, albeit with less champagne!

Price - £20
Where to buy - Harvey Nichols, Some Debenhams stores


  1. wow, you have lovely nails, great shape and length x

  2. Wow your nails have grow lovely :) I really want to try having this done again now my nails have grow more the first time I had it done they where really bitten down and it look strange! Xx

  3. Nicole - thank you x

    Claire Louise - Thank you, I do find that my nails grow better when I have this done as it seems to protect them.