Tuesday 3 January 2012

December Empties!

Despite being away for 2 weeks of December, I don't think I have done too badly with getting through my stash last month.  Although Christmas and sale shopping has increased it again...!

Liz Earle Botanical Shine Shampoo - A great cleansing shampoo that I have been using several times a week. I bought it as it was SLS-free and I have been trying to use less chemicals in my beauty routine. However I won't be repurchasing as although it was fine, I don't think it is HG material.

Garnier Fresh Essentials Eye Make Up Remover - a repurchase and I will be buying this again.  It removes my make up very effectively whilst being gentle at the same time.  It doesn't sting, cloud my eyes or leave an oily residue which makes it a winner in my books!

Marks & Spencer Almond Hand Cream - I can't remember when I got this but it has been lurking around for ages as I found it too greasy to use on my hands as it doesn't sink in easily.  I've been using it on my scaly elbows instead and I am glad to have finished it.

Green & Spring Indulging Shower and Bath Foam - A nice relaxing rose fragrance which I used as a shower gel rather than a bath foam.  It was pleasant but I didn't feel that it was unique enough to warrant buying a full-sized bottle.

Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash - I have a feeling this came with an ASOS order some time ago.  Nice to use but not remarkable, although it left me skin feeling soft and not dry like some shower gels can.  There was no discernible scent which may be a plus for some people, but I like my morning shower to have an invigorating scent to wake me up!

The Body Shop Coconut Body Scrub - I reviewed this here and it was pleasant but not 'scrubby' enough for me, plus I found the scent a little overpowering (I'm never happy!).

DP London Handcream - this was a sample I was sent a wee while ago.  It did the job and sank in easily but was not interesting enough to make me want to purchase the full size, especially as I have several handcreams on the go at the moment.

Dermologica Age Smart Lip Renewal Complex - I didn't feel this did much really, perhaps there wasn't enough contained in the tube to form a proper option and to test it fully but I did get about a week's application.  As it is meant to help prevent the signs of ageing and minimise contour lines, I feel I may be a bit younger than the target age group for the product. 

Tom Ford Violet Blonde EDP - This was a sample that I fell in love with almost instantly.   I'm hopeless at describing perfumes so I won't attempt to, however if you get a chance to spritz this, do so as I have had so many compliments on it.  It is now one of my current favourites along with Prada Candy and I received a full-sized bottle for Christmas.



  1. i really want to try tom ford violet blonde, have heard great things! the garnier eye make up remover sounds great, im on the look out for an effective remover that doesn't require scrubbing at my eyes!


  2. Well done!! I am so awful i never finish things, I love to try new things and once I have heard about something I have to get it as soon as I can! not good for the bank balance! xx

  3. I've not tried Violet Blond..yet and I'm picking up the Garnier eye make up remover next time I need one x

  4. Hayley - I would very much recommend the Garnier eye make up remover. Its cheap and really good for sensitive eyes.

    Cara Louise - Yes, I qas quite proud of myself for not getting TOO distracted this month by shiny new products!

    Sandra - Violet Blonde is one you must try soon!