Saturday 21 January 2012

Saturday Samples!

This week’s samples are a mixture of bodycare, skincare and makeup.

Biotherm Lait Corporee Anti Drying Body Milk with Citrus Extracts 
Normally I am a bit meh about body lotions / milks / butters as I don’t have particularly dry skin and never really have the time to sit around waiting for lotions to sink in before getting dressed. I do however often moisturise dry patches such as knees and elbows and it is for this purpose that I have been using this body milk. 

This sample came from a business class travel bag hubby managed to scrounge on our honeymoon, along with some champagne even though we were in economy!  The consistency is fairly light and certainly non-greasy and it sinks in very quickly. I adore a citrus scent and this one is gorgeous and reminds me of satsumas (!), although it doesn’t seem to stick around for long, unlike some of the Body Shop body butters. So far it seems to be doing a fairly good job of providing some moisturisation but if you have particularly dry or scaly skin, this probably won’t be heavy-duty enough for you. 
Quick Verdict
A gorgeously-scented body milk that sinks in quickly, this is a good luxury product which seals in moisture and leaves your skin feeling smooth.
Price - £30.13
Where to Buy - Boots

Green & Spring Mild Toner 
I often think of toners as being something which strips the skin of oil, leaving it dry and in a worse condition than it was initially. This small travel-sized sample from Green & Spring appears to have proven me wrong as it lives up to its mild claims, with a gentle scent of rose, which seems to sooth and soften my skin without stripping it, and instead leaves my skin feeling refreshed after cleansing in the evening.
I have had no breakouts whilst using this and I have been using it daily for around two weeks so I think a full-sized bottle, whilst not cheap at £22, would last you a long time as I am still only halfway through the bottle.

Quick Verdict
Whilst I’m still not sure if toners are a vital and necessary part of my skincare routine, I have enjoyed using this one as I found it gentle enough for regular use on my sensitive, and often temperamental, skin. If you are looking for a new toner, it may be worth giving this one a try. 
Price - £22

Dior Forever Foundation in 020 Light Beige
I haven't tried any Dior foundations previously so i was interested to see how this wore.  The product itself was quite liquid and watery and glided on easily with my fingers.  I have tried to provide swatches below but they have come out a bit darker than it really is, due to the absence of natural light.
Unblended Swatch

Initially, I thought this shade was a bit light for my skintone but once I had blended it in, it seemed to 'settle' and left a very natural, semi-matte finish.  I would say it has light-medium coverage and it evened out my skin tone and left me feeling like I wasn't wearing any foundation.  Having only tested it once, I can't really comment on the lasting power, but suffice to say I have been wearing it for about 6 hours and I have not yet needed to blot it, it is still looking pretty much as it was when I applied it and it was applied on only moisturised skin with no primer.  
Blended Swatch

Quick Verdict
I will certainly be taking a closer look at this foundation and seeing if I can try a larger sample for a few days.  It was easy to apply and blend and had a very natural-looking finish which would be perfect for an everyday foundation.  It also includes SPF25 which is an added bonus.
Price - £29.50
Where to Buy - Boots


  1. The foundation looks good, really a glowy look.

  2. Alex - Yes, I'm certainly going to have a closer look at this in store.