Wednesday 28 March 2012

Review: Charles Worthington Full Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

When I visited my parents last month, I stumbled upon the Charles Worthington Full Volume Shampoo and Conditioner whilst I was having a root around the bathroom (does anyone else really enjoy having a nosey through other people’s bathroom products?!). I used these for a week and enjoyed using them so much, I purchased my own when I returned home!

Charles Worthington products have been around for ages and I’m sure that in the past, I have dallied with them occasionally.  The Full Volume range was new to me though and when there was an offer in Boots of any two products for £6, I snapped them up! 

The shampoo claims to be ultra-light, helping to optimise the hair’s fullness, washing away impurities and providing hydration, leaving it feel fuller and thicker.  After using it, I certainly found my hair to be easily cleansed of all products and residue, and it didn’t weigh down my locks.
I used the conditioner on the mid-lengths to the ends of my hair and was relived to find it didn’t leave my hair feeling limp and lank as many conditioners do. It left my hair feeling shiny and manageable without any tangles, and I was actually quite impressed with it as many conditioners are too rich for my fine hair and leave it feeling heavy and often slightly oily by the end of the day.

For the price, these two products do a very good job of keeping my hair in a manageable condition and although they do not provide extreme volume, they do help my hair to look thicker and fuller, giving more body without weighing it down.  I loved how shiny my tresses looked too!  There are certainly other products in the range which I will be looking into such as the Texturising Spray and Big Bounce Spray! 

Price – Shampoo, £5.19; Conditioner, £5.19
Where to buyBoots, Superdrug, Most Supermarkets

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