Friday 9 March 2012

Review: OPI Holland Collection

I will freely admit that I have an unhealthy addiction to nail polish and I very rarely manage to use up an entire bottle.  For this reason, I love purchasing the mini bottles that are often brought out by OPI and Essie, plus it gives me a reason to purchase several different shades from a new collection!

The Dutch Treats selection consists of four separate shades, inspired by Holland:
I Have A Herring Problem - a shimmering greyed blue
Red Lights Ahead... Where? - a bright coral orange/ red cream
Kiss Me On My Tulips - A rich, almost purple toned pink cream
Pedal Faster Suzi - A shimmering pink with silver sparkles.

From the four shades, I found I Have A Herring Problem the most unique, as I don't own anything else similar.  Pedal Faster Suzi was the colour I found the least interesting, mainly as I prefer more vibrant, punchy shades and I just don't feel it fitted cohesively with the rest of the collection.

Red Lights Ahead...Where? is a gorgeous orange / red hybrid.  However I have several dupes for this polish, as seen in the swatches above, and they are all very similar, with subtle nuances only visible when examined very closely in person. 

Kiss Me On My Tulips is another shade where I had some similar ones in my stash.  OPI's Dim Sum Plum is a touch darker whereas Essie Super Bossa Nova has a pearlescent sheen and is pinker.

As with other OPI polishes, I get several days wear without any chipping and very minor tip wear.   I find OPI's formula to be of medium thickness and very easy to apply.

Whilst not offering any particularly new or earth-shattering shades, I do like this collection and it offers a mixture of cream and shimmer finishes.  The stand out shade for me is I Have A Herring Problem,  whilst the noticeably weaker shade is Pedal Faster Suzi as it requires at least three coats for opacity and didn't seem to fit with the rest of the collection.  Red Lights Ahead... Where? and Kiss Me On My Tulips are both strong shades but you may already have dupes in your collection as they are not particularly unique.

Price - £12.95


  1. My obsession with nail polish is insane, great post! xxx

  2. Kiss me on my Tulips is a lovely colour, I din't have anything like it in my collection. How a love a post about nail polish. Great review hun x
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    1. Thank you, Kiss Me On My Tulips is indeed lovely, I have it on my toes at the moment!

  3. I fell in love with this collection the moment I laid eyes on it in person. It's beautiful. x

  4. I just bought the opi mini Dutch treats and love them! Xx