Wednesday 2 May 2012

Davines Nounou Nourishing llluminating Shampoo

I always feel a little cheated at the salon, paying what amounts to a small fortune to look exactly the same as before on a bi-monthly basis!  I've had the same hairdresser for over 6 years and she understands both me and my hair, and my unwillingness to deviate from my comfort zone!
I do enjoy chopping and changing my hair products though, and I came across the Davines brand mentioned on another blog.
Davines NouNou Illuminating Shampoo is targeted at those with colour-treated hair and it claims to be gentle enough to use daily without stripping away your colour.
I firstly have to mention the packaging which I felt was rather uninspired. A clear bottle with a label that looked  like I could have knocked it up myself on my printer does not  represent a premium beauty product.
Packaging aside, the product itself had a lovely scent which is a cross between  one I associate with a posh salon, and a light floral. I did find when pouring, it comes out as very liquid and runny so you do need to be careful that you don't pour too much out.
I found that this shampoo didn't tend to lather much at all and I needed to later, rinse and repeat in order for my hair to feel clean. It did leave my hair feeling very soft and shiny though, but I felt it was lacking in volume and rather flat.
An distinctly average cleansing shampoo which is kind to your locks and won't strip away colour.  For those of you who use a lot of hair products or just have very dry hair, this may be too lightweight for daily use.  However, for those looking to move into SLS-free products, with more natural, less harsh ingredients, this could be a good option.  You will probably be able to find similar products elsewhere at a lower price point on the high street.

Price - from£12.77
Where to Buy  - Hairtrader, Salon Skincare


  1. I still havent tried a Davines shampoo but the Moisturising Balm is brilliant as conditioner.

    The smaller sizes I got of the Cleansing Nectar and Moisturising Balm were in cute packaging but the bigger sizes are in serious need of a revamp.

  2. Thanks, I have heard good things about the Moisturising Balm so I may see if I can try a wee bottle of that.