Friday 18 May 2012

Dr Hauschka Lipstick in 15 Violet Marble

One of the aspects of blogging I really enjoy is discovering new brands or items from established brands that I had no idea existed.  Dr Hauschka's make-up line is one of these discoveries, as prior to being sent this lipstick, I always considered them to be a skincare brand and had no idea they had branched out into luxury, natural makeup.  

Dr Hauschka's make-up line is chemical-free, using natural mineral pigments and petal waxes to work with your skin.  The range covers the whole spectrum of products, from foundation and blush, to mascara and lipstick, and it is one of the lippies that I am going to review today.

Violet Marble is part of the limited edition Inner Glow Spring range.  There are five lipsticks in the range, all of which are designed to compliment skintones and bring out your natural, vibrant beauty.  First impressions are that the packaging is sleek, gold and very luxurious.  It feels sufficiently weighty to feel that you are using a quality product.    

The colour in the tube is a definite violet shade but with a hint of pink to it.  It does have a slight scent of roses, a little similar to Chanel lippies, but this disparates within five minutes of applying.

Violet Marble glided on very smoothly, providing a rich, opaque colour on my lips.  Despite being full coverage, the lipstick did not feel heavy, indeed quite the opposite as I almost forgot I was wearing it (well until I saw the lipstick marks on my coffee cup!).

On my pigmented lips, I found the colour to be more of a pinky / mauve, but I think that is one of the advantages of these lipsticks in that they adapt to your lips and, depending on your the pigmentation of your lips, may show up slightly different.  Wear time was around 3-4 hours and I found it very comfortable to wear and not at all drying.

If you are enjoy using natural makeup, which enhances your features and compliments your skintone, Dr Hauschka's cosmetics range has a lot to offer.  Although not a ground-breaking shade, this is a very easy to wear, neutral colour which gives a polished appearance and I actually felt rather grown up when wearing it!  I would also recommend the range for those who have tried some of the Dr Hauschka skincare products and enjoyed using them, as they adhere to the same ethos and high quality standard.  The only negative is the higher price point but in terms of quality, I would easily put this in the same category as Chanel and Dior.

Price - £21.95
Where to BuyDr Hauschka

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  1. I've never heard of this brand, or knew that they did makeup. This colour looks lovely on your lips and I really like the packaging. I like that they work with the colour of your lips.

    Great review xx

    1. Thanks, its great discovering new brands. That's what blogging is all about!

  2. this colour is really gorgeous! Not tried any of their make up items x

    1. They were new to me too but I'm certainly going to try more of them.