Friday 1 June 2012

Dr Hauschka Daily Body Care Kit

I love luxurious bath and body products and when I was recently sent the Dr Hauschka Daily Body Care Kit with some trial / travel sized products as an introduction to the brand's body products, I couldn't wait to try them out!

The Daily Body Care Kit contains seven different items, all contained within a sleek, sturdy tin.

There are two body lotions included:
Rose - loved this scent
Quince - the scent was more of an acquired taste I feel and it smelled a little old fashioned

Both lotions absorb quickly, without leaving any tackiness or stickiness.  The scents are quite strong and I much prefer the rose to the quince.  I did find that each of these tubes only managed one full body application so I wasn't able to assess how well they moisturised in the long term.  

Three oils are included:
Lavender Bath Oil
Rose Body Oil 
Lemon Lemongrass Body Oil

These are all good sizes with a decent amount of product included.  I managed to get three baths from the Lavender Bath Oil and I tend to like to dump a large amount of oil in my baths.  

Both Body Oils can be used as an alternative to body lotions, smoothing a small amount on damp skin after a shower or bath.  The scents of both are less strong than the Body Lotions but still pleasantly fragrant and soothing. I have also tried them as bath oils and found them equally fragrant and very relaxing.  I do love a multi-tasking product!  

One hand cream.  This absorbs quickly and easily and is non greasy.  A little goes a long way.  I didn't find it a particularly exciting cream, it simply did its job and did its job well.  It does have a distinctive 'natural' scent but this dissipates very quickly. 

Finally, also included in the set are two sachets of Fitness Foot Balm (see the first picture).  I tried using this after a long run on my tired feet (after a shower obviously!) and found it to absorb quickly and it certainly softened some of the harder areas of skin.  It does have a very unique herbal scent though and I was VERY glad it was on my feet and nowhere near my nose as it doesn't half pong!

I really enjoy using little sets like these as it lets me play with different products and see if they work for me.  From initial use, the products which made the biggest impressions on me were the Bath and Body Oils.  All three scents were to my taste and not too strong either as I hate it when my body products overwhelm my perfume.  I loved the fact that the Body Oils were multi-tasking too.  If there was one product that perhaps didn't impress me as much it was the Foot Balm, mainly as I couldn't abide the scent, so I would recommend having a sniff before you buy if you fancy trying it.

Price- £17.95
Where to Buy - Dr Hauschka, John Lewis

Have you tried any Dr Hauschka products?
How do you feel about strongly scented products?


  1. Seems lovely, but I'm unsure about the scent though :) Laura x

    1. The scent is certainly a love it or loathe it scent. The products themselves are great though.

  2. Sounds great!

    Emma xo