Tuesday 24 January 2012

Review: Mac Blushbaby Sheertone Blush

I’m not a blush fiend as, on the whole, I tend to stick to my tried and trusted peachy blushes such as Orgasm and Coralista. However I was in the mood for something different recently and decided to try a blush with less shimmer and a more subdued, matte finish for a change.

Mac Blushbaby is a Sheertone formulation, which is indeed very sheer but can be easily built up to be much more pigmented if you desire. 

The colour in the pan looks like a very ordinary cool-toned, pinky beige and doesn’t scream ‘use me now’! However, its understated first impressions belie the fact that it is a very hard worker and goes with a multitude of looks from smoky eyes to brighter lips giving a fresh, natural rosy look on the cheeks.

In the swatch, on the left you can see a pigmented swatch, whilst on the right, I have blended it a little to show that it can be sheered or built up as required. It is a very easy-to-wear everyday blush that I can see becoming one of my staples, and due to its buildability, both fair and medium-toned skins could wear this.

Mac Blushbaby is not an all-singing-dancing shade, but it is superb neutral colour that I think will go with most skintones. I haven’t heard much about this blusher but I really think it is a suits-all gem hidden away in Mac’s permanent collection.

Price – £17.50


  1. Looks like a lovely colour :) Although it is a little bit pricey.

  2. Bow Tied Beauty - it is lovely, really natural. It is quite pricy but I can see it lasting ages. I think I paid about £11 for it as I purchased it from Buyapowa