Saturday 14 January 2012

Saturday Samples!

This is the first in a semi-regular series of posts in which I will be delving into my sample box and trying out a couple of products that have so far been neglected. These will not be full, in-depth reviews as I obviously will not have been able to test them out vigorously. They will be more of a quick snapshot of initial thoughts.

So lets see what I have been trying out this week!

Clarins Multi-Active Day Early Action Wrinkle Correction Cream
Phew, the name is a bit of a mouthful! In my head, I always think I am a bit young for anti-wrinkle creams (I permanently feel about 17 and the amount of responsibility I have sometimes scares me!) but I do need to face up to the fact that I probably need to start using these kind of creams soon, especially with the big 3-0 approaching later this year….

This is a daycream that Clarins suggest you use every morning on your face and neck and claims to be suitable for all skin types. The tube contains a reasonable 15ml and I have been using this for at least 10 days and I’m still not quite finished it.

I always associate anti-wrinkle creams with heavy, rich, oily formulations which are too much for my sensitive, combination skin. However I was pleasantly surprised by this one as it was not greasy in the slightest and in fact had a rather thick texture that I think would make difficult to spread on drier skin. I did not experience any outbreaks or issues with my skin whilst using it and whilst I have not been using it for long enough to assess whether it actually ‘reduces early wrinkles’, I would consider buying the full sized product.

Quick verdict
A surprisingly good lightweight skin cream which promises to ‘reduce early wrinkles to leave skin smooth, fresh and younger-looking again’. Whilst I don’t think this would be suitable for those with drier skin, for those with combination skin this could be a good place to start with preventive anti-ageing skin care.
Price –£38

DP London Firming & Smoothing Body Cream 
DP London produce a small range of products which include organic ingredients and botanical oils and have a real luxury feel about them, albeit with a price tag to match! They are a fairly new company, having only launched in the latter part of last year.

This was a very small sample so I was really only able to assess the moisturising properties of the cream and the overall appearance, texture and scent and not the firming and smoothing properties. What I did manage to try out, I liked. It has a very luxurious scent and sank into my skin easily without feeling greasy. I usually use a body lotion or cream at night before bed and I found that it sank in quickly so I wasn’t waiting forever for it to dry before I could clamber into bed! I’m not sure how moisturising it really was, compared to a cheaper brand such as Nivea or a Body Shop body butter, and at £36 for a 175ml jar, you could probably get something which felt just as luxurious for a good £10 less.

Quick verdict
A nice treat which feels luxurious and combines organic and fair trade ingredients. However it is rather pricey and personally I would never spend this much on a body lotion as I think you can buy products which are just as good for much less.
Price- £36
Where to buyDP London,

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