Tuesday 20 March 2012

I've Passed!

Apologies for the sporadic posting lately and also for the self-indulgent nature of this post, but I just had to share my excitement that I FINALLY passed my driving test!!

I realise that this probably isn't a big thing for those of you who passed it some time ago, but for me driving has always been this mythical thing that everyone apart from me can do.  It was after getting married and nearing 30 that I thought that I just had to bite the bullet and learn

I'd started learning when I was 17, then went away to Uni and never really picked it back up, mostly as I didn't like my previous instructor and I've always lived in the city centre and saw no need to drive.  

In September, I started with the same instructor who taught hubby to drive and, despite being incredibly nervous, I managed to pass my test this morning with only 2 minor faults! 

I'm off to celebrate now with a glass of fizz and hubby is making something tasty for dinner.  Normal posting should resume tomorrow, hic!



  1. congrats! only two minors is so good, i had seven haha! well done :D xx

  2. Well done! :] I started my lessons at 17 but never done my test and now that I'm mid twenties I'm too scared. lol

  3. fantastic congratulations! x
    p.s. I've tagged you, check my blog

  4. Congrats to passing!! I'm 25 and never driven in my life. My husband wants to teach me but i'm too scared to even get behind the wheel!

  5. Congratulations! I didn't attempt driving till I was 25 and I passed first time :) It's a great feeling isn't it? x


  6. Thanks for all the congrats guys!

  7. That's great news Victoria, well done!

    Emma xo

  8. Congratulations huni :) Well done Xx