Tuesday 25 October 2011

Company Spotlight: Green & Spring

Image from http://popsop.com
I love a chance to pamper myself with a long hot bath after a stressful week and I am always looking for new and interesting products to try out.  One of my more recent discoveries has been Green & Spring.

Green & Spring are a British company, who specialise in using natural botanical ingredients and essential oils in their products, with all items made in the UK.  Their products are free from parabens, SLS and synthetic fragrances. 

They produce a variety of products in several different scents which include
  • Lavender (Relaxing)
  • Rose and Jasmine (Indulging)
  • Peppermint (Revitalising)

The lavender fragrance is my favourite as I find the smell of lavender very calming and soothing.  I have tried both the Shower and Bath Foam (£18) and the Body Lotion (£22)  in the relaxing scent and I love them both although I do find the body lotion quite thick and it takes a while to sink in.  The bath foam is very strongly scented and makes my bathroom smell gorgeous, whilst also producing a decent amount of foam which is not drying on my skin.  I haven’t yet tried the bath oils but they are next on my list as I love the feeling of my skin after using oils in the bath. 

In addition to bath products, they also produce a variety of skin care items including moisturisers, day and night creams, eye creams, scrubs and shampoo / conditioner.  I have tried sample sizes of the day and night creams, and whilst they feel very luxurious, they are a little too heavy for my oily / combination skin.  I would, however, especially like to try the hand cream as I suspect it will be very nourishing and soothing which is just what I need in the current temperatures.

Green & Spring are a great brand to try if you enjoy a bit of luxury and prefer products which are more natural and paraben free.  The scents are quite strong in all of the products I have tried, so you may want to approach with caution if you have particularly sensitive skin or if you prefer more subtle scents.   

Where to buy
You can purchase Green & Spring from John Lewis, Look Fantastic, direct from their website or from one of the many stockists listed here. The travel sizes are a great way to explore the range without having to spend too much.


  1. Love the idea of the travel sizes and the design on the products looks lovely. The prices aren't too shabby Xx

  2. Oh what lovely packaging! x x

  3. Claire Louise - Travel sizes are fab for trying out a range of products and yes, the packaging and design is lovely too.

    Sian - I know, the birds are super cute!