Saturday 22 October 2011

Review: Nivea Hand Lotion Express Hydration

Now that it is properly chilly and my mornings are beginning with scraping frost off the front of the windscreen, it is time to step it up a gear with my hand lotion.  Constantly going from extremes of temperature plays havoc with my skin and my hands deserve special attention.

I received a tube of Nivea Hand Lotion Express Hydration recently from a facebook giveaway and I have been using it continuously over the past couple of weeks to hydrate my hands and prevent them from becoming dry and flaky. 

The consistency is that of which I would expect from Nivea, a medium thickness lotion which isn’t too greasy and with that familiar Nivea scent that is found in all their products.  It absorbs easily and quickly and sinks in without leaving a film on my skin.  There is nothing worse than sitting around unable to do anything whilst waiting for you handcream to sink in and I always find that the phone goes or I have to do something urgently when I am using handcream so the fast absorption is a definite plus point. 

After using this for two weeks, I’m not certain how I feel about this as it appears to be fine for general use but I’m not sure if it can cope with my poor chapped hands.  They feel rather tight and not as moisturised as they would after using my HG Palmers Cocoa Butter hand lotion.  I do however think that the cream does provide express hydration as it claims and fast absorption – it is just that the effects don’t last as long as I would like, which in turn leads to me slathering more on.

Price – £3.05

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  1. hmm, i've generally had good experience with nivea products, so i think i'm gonna like this one. but i also gotta agree that palmer's cocoa butter is awesome! :)

    <3, Mimi

  2. Great post! I have found the L'Occitaine hand creams one of the best (free this month with Marie Claire magazine - I got two!) x

  3. Mimi - yes, in general you can't go wrong with Nivea products, my hands are just suffering a lot lately but I have the body moisuriser from the same range and it is great for using after a shower.

    Beauty Balm - I haven't tried L'Occitaine hand cream, will need to give it a try and will maybe see if I can hunt out any remaining copies of Marie Claire as then I get a magazine and a free handcream!