Tuesday 18 October 2011

Revlon Facets of Fuchsia

Excuse my cold-looking fingers, it is freezing tonight!

I had seen Revlon Facets of Fuchsia on a few blogs and thought it looked quite unusual and a little like some of the Deborah Lipmann polishes with their chunky glitter, but less than half the price, and therefore I had to have it!  It was also on offer in Boots for £2 off the normal price at only £4.49 so it made it an even better deal.

In the bottle, the polish looks like it will be super sparkly and when on the nail, it doesn’t disappoint appearing as a dark, almost black-leaning purple with bright pink glitter in varying sizes.  It took 3 coats to achieve this glossy, opaque finish and I added a topcoat to smooth it out a bit as it did feel rather uneven, as many glitters do.  I don’t usually use a topcoat with polish as I like to change it every couple of days and  I have usually moved onto another colour by the time it would have started to show wear.  I have a low attention span when it comes to my nails!  I haven’t tried any other Revlon polishes so I’m not sure if all are like this, but I did find the formula quite runny and difficult to manipulate on my nails without it going everywhere so I would suggest using several thin coats rather than a couple of thick ones. 

I am pleased that I bought this and it is a relative bargain as I usually prefer OPI and Chanel polishes.    I can’t comment on wear time as I only kept it on for a couple of days but there was no chipping or tip wear evident and it was certainly very different from anything else I own.   

Price - £6.49
Where to buyBoots although I can’t see it on their website at the moment.


  1. love the colour! Xx

  2. I love this nail polish! seriously why don't I own it!!

  3. @ Cara Louise - I would definitely recommend it, although removal was rather difficult but I suppose that’s to be expected with glitters. x

  4. This looks lovely!!!!!! Im a sucker for glittery colors and that purple is gorgeous!

  5. Tali - it is lovely and a change from the usual glitters that are about at this time of year. I hadn't bought any polish from Revlon for ages and was very impressed with this.