Sunday 30 October 2011

October Favourites!

This month’s favourites are a bit of a mixture of old favourites and some new loves, so without further ado, I will get started.

Label.m Resurrection dust – I reviewed this here earlier this month so I won’t go into too much detail, however I still love it and I have yet to find ANYTHING that makes my hair look as poofy and volumised as this!

Revlon Facets of Fuschia – another one I have reviewed recently and one that I really like, but it is a major pain to remove, so much so that I wear it until I cannot wait any longer to remove it when it has started chipping.  I then begin the long and painstaking process of removal….

Chanel Graphite – there has been so much written in the blogosphere about this one that I don’t think I can say any more.  It is an amazing multi-faceted colour which always looks polished and makes me feel very grown up.  It is limited edition so if you find a bottle anywhere, pounce on it!
Chanel Illusion D’Ombre, Emerveille – my  current favourite easy-to-wear eyeshadow.  I will have a post coming up about my illusion d’ombres but this one in particular is so easy to use.  I just swipe on with my finger, blend a little at the edges with the No 7 eyeshadow blending brush and I’m done.

Viva Glam Cindi, Mac – sadly not available any more but you can probably find it on ebay.  I love this glossy, wearable red lipstick.  It is a lustre formulation, which I don’t find as drying as the cremesheens, and it just provides a polished, easy look.  Its perfect for people who aren’t sure about wearing red lips and honestly, it is a shade that it suits everyone!

No 7 Tinted Moisturiser – I must be onto my 3rd purchase of this!  A friend alerted me to it when I was staying with her and I had forgotten my usual tinted moisturiser and had to borrow hers. Since that very day, this has become part of my daily routine.  I find it evens out imperfections and redness, whilst giving a subtle glowing effect.  If you have one of the ubiquitous No 7 Boots vouchers you could do a lot worse than pick one of these up.  I will be posting a proper review of this later in the week.

And that’s it for this month – I am on hols for two weeks shortly, although I will schedule some posts for whilst I am away.  Next month’s favourites will very likely feature products more suited for sunnier climes, despite being close to Christmas!


  1. Fancy trying the label.m and the No.7 tinted moisturiser know what I'll spend my next £5 voucher on! Have a great hol x

  2. Sandra - There is always a use for the No 7 vouchers! Thanks, looking forward my my hols, just wish this week would go faster!

  3. Nice favourites of the month I need to crack on and do mine before I forget :)
    love the sound of the Label.m Resurrection dust