Friday 3 February 2012

Review: Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream

In the winter, I race through hand creams, applying them many times a day, so I am now pretty specific in my requirements for what makes a good hand cream for me.  A delicious scent, rich, easily absorbing formula, and intensely moisturising are all high on my list of important features and an added SPF is a welcome bonus!

The Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream was one of the products I received in the first Carmine box, but it has been languishing at the bottom of my draw whilst I work through some of my other lotions.
I’ve only tried one Balance Me product previously, their Rose Otto Body Wash, which whilst nicely scented and fairly moisturising, didn’t really feel particularly great value for money at £12.50 a bottle.

Balance Me is proud of the fact that all their products are all natural and paraben and sulphate free and indeed the tube proudly states that 98.8% of the ingredients are of natural origin, which is welcome news as I have been trying to reduce the amount of chemicals that I put on my face and body. 

The packaging is colour co-ordinated depending on the range, and the Super Moisturising range, of which this cream is part of, is a lovely sunny orange.  The cream comes out quite thick and feels very luxurious, being absorbed quickly into the skin.  There is nothing I detest more than sitting around waiting for cream to be absorbed, and a fast acting formula is essential.  The scent is a mixture of essential oils which I find a little hard to place.  It is not fruity and not particularly unpleasant, if anything, it reminds me of some Liz Earle products which I suppose have a similar ethos, using naturally occurring extracts. If it is not to your taste, it does not linger, evaporating away shortly after application.

I have been using this hand cream for a good few weeks and I am still not finished this small 30ml tube, so I can see the full sized product lasting for a quite a while.  My hands feel smooth and soft, even in this bitterly cold weather we have been having recently.

If you are a fan of natural products, the Balance Me range offers a good variety of products which are natural and do not compromise on their performance.  Two aspects of this hand cream which I feel could have been improved are the scent, as I would have preferred something fruity or perhaps more easily identifiable and longer lasting; and the inclusion of an SPF, although I understand that this would not be natural and fit in with their ethos.  In summary, a high-performing hand cream that is worth a look.

Price - £14.50


  1. not tried this one, great review x

  2. Thank you, I'm certainly going to have a look at more of the Balance Me range.