Saturday 4 February 2012

Saturday Samples #4

Another week has flown, by so its time to see what I have managed to try out of my samples box this week.

Dermalogica  Multivitamin Power Recovery Mask
From previous reviews I had read, this mask seemed to be a lifesaver for tired, dull skin. I have been working a lot lately and getting home late so I thought this would give my skin the pick me up it so desperately needs.  

Although it says it is a mask, the product goes on as a clear gel and you leave it on for 10-15 minutes, once a week, to work its magic.  I didn't experience any tingling on application, and after the time was up, I rinsed it off as directed.  The next morning, I woke up to 2 huge blemishes on my chin which are still there now and refuse to budge!  I can only put these down to the mask and therefore I won't be using it again.  It may be that I didn't use it correctly or that it is just a big coincidence, but it is most likely that it was too rich for my combination skin and my skin reacted in the way it knows best!  I won't be trying this again and it will be going in my 'donate to friends' box!

Price - £24.85-£33

Ojon Damage Reverse Instant Restorative Hair Serum
I only had one use out of this so I'm not sure how much I can comment on its restorative properties.  I generally don't tend to use serums much as although I have dry, processed ends, my scalp and top half of my hair gets oily very quickly.  I tried using this only on my ends, following my usual shampoo and conditioner routine.  It certainly tamed any flyaways and made my hair sleeker and smoother, however towards the end of the day it did start to look rather lank and lacking in volume, despite only using a teeny tiny amount.  I've come to the conclusion that serums are probably not for me, although I could see this working for those with thick, dry hair and those who are prone to the frizzies. 

Price - £22

Green & Spring Light Cleanser
I am not usually a cream-based cleanser person, preferring instead to use a facial wash, eye make up remover and a toner afterwards to remove my makeup at night.  First impressions of this cleanser is that it is very thick and feels very luxurious, however the thickness comes at a price as I found it almost impossible to get the cleanser out of the bottle!  I did manage eventually, but it took rather a lot of effort and I notice if you purchase the full-sized product it comes with a pump, which is much more user friendly! 

The cleanser has a lovely lavender scent which feels quite soothing and calming before I go to sleep and it removed my makeup easily, including my mascara, and was very gentle on my sensitive eyes.  I do like Green & Spring products and if you are into more natural cream cleansers, this could be a good option, however it is too rich for me and it hasn't managed to convert me to cream cleansers yet.

Price - £28



  1. Ojon treatment gave me a bad rash on my face, actually. I was disappointed cause I actually liked it... But I can't use it obviously. :(

    1. Oh no, you must have had a bad reaction to something in it. I found it ok but probably too heavy for my fine hair, which is why I'm glad I got a sample!