Saturday 17 December 2011

My Chanel Illusion d'Ombre Collection

A little bit of Chanel always brightens up one's life!  And these little pots of joy are so gorgeous, I initially swore I was only going to purchase one but have gradually been building up my collection.  I think this should be enough for the moment, although the black one in Mirifique has been whispering my name!

If you are unaware of these eyeshadows that have taken the blogsphere by storm, they are a cream / powder hybrid which glides onto the skin like silk.  You get a small brush included with each pot of shadow, although I prefer to use my finger to smooth it on as I think they work well with the warmth of your skin  You need to work quickly though as they set fairly rapidly and once they are on they don't budge!  I have fairly oily lids and with a primer they stay on for about 8-9 hours, and have around the same lasting power as the Georgio Armani Eyes to Kill shadows which I also adore. 

I first bought Emerveille and Epatant in quick succession.  Emerveille is a gorgeous peach shade with shimmer which looks amazing as a wash of colour across the lids for a easy daytime look

Epatant is a creamy green / grey which can either be smoked with a little grey for a twist on the classic smokey eye, or sheered out for a more wearable, daytime shade.  I often also use this as a liner and the brush with it is perfect as it is quite stiff and can be used to create a hint of colour beneath the lower lash line.

When finishing off the last of my Christmas shopping last week, I stopped by the Chanel counter, just for a look you understand (!), and discovered that, Illusoire,  the Illusion d'Ombre that I had been stalking for months, was finally in stock!   So I just had to buy it!

Illusoire is a mixture of several colours.  It is not purple, not grey, not taupe but more of a mixture of all three, if that can be possible.  It shimmers and sparkles under the light, making it a multi-faceted colour that can work for all occasions and is my favourite of the three shades that I currently own.

These super versatile shadows are a must for any makeup bag, although they are fairly pricey, which is to be expected with Chanel.  Perhaps one to hint for  for Christmas?!

Price - £22.50


  1. ooh these are really gorgeous - I want! x

  2. love these, they look fabb! great post x

  3. I have elbouie the bronze brown colour and i am in love with it! gorgeous texture and finish :) need more of them now!

    Hayley x (your new follower)

  4. Sandra - You have to try these, Illusiore is my new love!

    Danielle - thanks, they are fab for Christmas, or naytime really!

    Hayley - ooh haven't tried Elbourie, perhaps another one to add to my wish list?!

  5. I love the shimmer on those! Xx

  6. Claire Louise - the shimmer is gorgeous and it is great as there is no fall out.