Monday 17 October 2011

Body Shop Mini-Spree!

When the weather turns grey, cold miserable outside, I can’t face going out on my lunchbreak as I do during the summer and instead I turn to internet shopping.  This morning, a small delivery from the Body Shop arrived on my desk. 

I bought:

Earth Lovers Shower Gel in Pear and Lemongrass  - I am looking forward to trying this as it is 100% biodegradable and sulphate, paraben and colourant-free.

Sweet Lemon Shower Gel – This is the second time I have purchased this and it is a lovely clean fresh smell. I will be taking it on my holidays to Thailand next month.  I know most places give you wee bottles of shower gel and shampoo but I much prefer to take my own if I am going away for any length of time.

Aloe Vera Body Butter –  also got for my hols and to sooth any burnt bits and bites.  Hubby requested a body butter that ‘doesn’t have a girly scent’ so this is for him too..  There was also a deal on if you bought one body butter you got another half price (ie for £6) so I thought I’d try the Sweet Lemon one as I love the shower gel and there’s nothing better than smelling like a giant lemon!

I’ll be posting a review of the Earth Lovers Shower Gel shortly once I’ve tried it later this week.


  1. I have to visit The Body Shop soon, thanks for giving me ideas on what to buy next!;D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. mmmm I fancy the pear and lemongrass shower gel! A trip to the body shop for me I reckon x