Sunday 16 October 2011

Chanel Coco Rouge Mademoiselle and BuyaPowa

I recently bought the Chanel Coco Rouge Mademoiselle lipstick after Charlotte Lipglossiping, alerted me to a  bargain on BuyaPowa (as an aside, I strongly recommend you keep an eye on this site as it has had some great deals lately on Nails Inc, Decleor and L’Occitaine, I think it will be seeing quite a bit of my visa card over the next wee while).

I managed a hasty purchase during my lunch break – isn’t that what a lunch break is for, shopping? – and waited for it to arrive, slightly sceptical as Chanel is not usually discounted.
The package arrived at my work a few days later, in a lovely little Chanel bag, with the lippy wrapped up in paper and tied with a cute Chanel bow.  The packaging is all part of the experience with Chanel I always think and I was glad that even discounted Chanel was presented so lovingly, as sometimes when you buy things that have been discounted, the packaging 
experience never feels quite the same…

This is my first Coco Rouge, and only my second Chanel lipstick, having owned and then promptly lost Coco Shine Boy :-( .
Mademoiselle is a lovely pinky brown shade.  It is pretty opaque on my fairly pigmented lips and gives a lovely neutral polished look which I think would suit most skintones.  It lasts about 3 hours on me, depending how much tea I drink during the working day.  One negative point however is that I do find this lipstick fairly drying on me, although whether that is because we are now in the middle of Autumn and my lips are craving moisture more I am not sure.  It is certainly not as moisturising as some YSL and Bobbi Brown lipsticks I own and I do find myself slathering on 
the balm after wearing it.

I am pleased I bought it and for  £16.99 plus £2 shipping, it was a good deal.It will also make me consider trying more of the Coco Rouges due to their excellent wear, plus I am a sucker for the Chanel packaging and the satisfying click you get when putting the lid back on after applying!

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  1. owww I loved the colour of that lipstick!!!
    I'm not normally a lipstick kinda girl, I used to wear a lot of lip gloss but I'm slowly turning :) Going to check out that website :) XX