Wednesday 19 October 2011

Company Spotlight: Bomb Cosmetics


I first discovered Bomb Cosmetics last Christmas when I received a gift of 6 cupcake-shaped bath bombs from my mum.  I LOVE my baths and am always on the lookout to try new products and these were very cute.  Their website claims that their aim is to make products that make you feel special every time you use them, using natural ingredients and essential oils to scent the products.  All products are hand made in the UK as well.

Their main products are their extensive range of bath blasters at £2.29 each, (similar to Lush’s bath bombs) and their bath melts at £2.09 each.  These are their signature products and it would take you a lot of baths to get through all of them!  I have found that they are very hydrating and leave my skin lovely and soft after using them, rather than leaving me dry and rather scaly like some bath products can do.  They are smaller than those offered by Lush but are beautifully decorated and the scent leaves my bathroom fragrant for several hours afterwards.  They also don’t stain the bath which is another positive, although many of the blasters have ‘bits’ in them such as rose petals or lavender which can make for some time spent cleaning up after your soak.

Other products sold by Bomb Cosmetics include:
  • Soaps and Shower Soaps
  • Massage Bars
  • Shower Butters  - these are next on my list to try
  • Body pots, including lotions and scrubs
  • Essential Oils and Carrier oils
  • Candles, including some lovely ones in tea cups

I have yet to try any of these but if they are the same quality as the bath blasters they will be good. 

Where to buy
You can buy the whole range of products online at Bomb Cosmetics  I have found some of the bath blasters and melts in Fenwicks Newcastle and also in a  small shop in Alnwick, Northumberland which I forget the name of as I bought them after a friend’s wedding and I was feeling slightly worse for wear…!.  There is also a stockist finder on their website which can help you find somewhere close to you. 

If you like Lush products, give these a try, I can heartilly recommend them


  1. owww I love bath bombs going to be checking that website out. Thanks for the link & info, great post! Xx

  2. I love bath products, thanks for the link!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. Awesome. I'll try these for sure, they look so pretty!! :)