Thursday 27 October 2011

Review: Label.m Honey and Oat Shampoo

I’ve been colouring my hair in the salon for more than 12 years and its fair to say that although I tend to have quite fine, oily roots on occasion, the rest of it can get dry and frazzled very quickly.  And a straw-like mane is not what I am aiming for.

Enter Label.m ’s Honey and Oat Shampoo to the rescue! 

On my last visit to the hairdressers, all I could smell was something delicious whilst having my hair washed and afterwards I found out it was this! * It comes in a sleek black bottle which looks very chic and like it means business.  Their website says it
‘Repairs dry, dehydrated hair without heaviness.  Honey, and Oat extracts combined with Sea Kelp expertly cleanse the hair, while replacing vital moisture, strengthening and adding gloss.’

When using it, the Sea Kelp extracts escape me but the honey and oat make this smell amazing!  I’ve even taken to hiding it from my hubby as he keeps using it to wash his very short hair just because he likes the smell!  It produces a small lather, but nothing too dramatic and doesn’t leave a squeaky clean feeling once you have used it.  It is fabulous at removing excess styling product from your hair and leaving it clean and more manageable.  I use a lot of volume booting products, sea spray and mouse in an effort to give some life to my fine hair and this manages to get rid of them all, reducing product build-up.

I usually use this a couple of times a week, any more than that and I find my hair can’t take the extra moisture and, ironically, feels a bit weighed down.   This is perfect to bring into rotation with another shampoo though (I am currently using it alongside Liz Earle’s Shampoo).

As a cleansing shampoo, this pretty much does exactly what it says it will, adding moisture to coloured or processed hair and getting rid of product build up.  It is a little pricier than your average shampoo but if you are just using a couple of times a week, it lasts ages (as long as someone else isn’t sneakily using it that is!).  And it is well worth buying for the scent alone!
Price – £10.49
Where to buy – Toni & Guy salons, I bought mine from Look Fantastic but it is out of stock at the moment

*as you may have guessed I am a Toni & Guy girl!


  1. I really want to try this but i dont have a tony ang guy near me :(

  2. that sounds really nice, great review too x

  3. Thanks for the review, I will keep this shampoo in mind!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. Great review :) Xx