Wednesday 25 April 2012

Alpha-H Gentle Daily Exfoliant

I've been fascinated for some time by all the praise surrounding Alpha-H and their products, and when I was in need of a new facial exfoliator and noticed their products were on 3 for 2 at Beauty Bay, I thought it was time to take the plunge.

The Alpha-H Gentle Daily Exfoliant is  a fairly unique experience as far as facial exfoliators go, smoothing and brightening without the use of harsh scrubbing particles.

The packaging is standard for Alpha-H - clean and minimal, with an almost clinical look to it.  

To use, you flip open the top to reveal a large hole from which a small amount of white powder is dispensed. The directions for use indicate that you should use  two  of the amounts of powder for application. The great thing about this dispensing system is that it dispenses the correct amount of product each time, so it is impossible to pour too much out which is great for minimising wastage!

You pour two applications into very wet hands and it transforms into a smooth paste which is then massaged into your skin for up to a minute.

What struck me with this exfoliator is that it doesn't seem to be gritty at all! It almost feels like some kind of mask, and at first I didn't believe that it was actually doing anything!

Over the past month using this on a daily basis, my skin has become noticeably smoother and I have suffered hardly any breakouts, so I have to conclude it works!  The only disadvantage is the high price, which at £32 may make me reconsider repurchasing.  If you are someone who invests a lot in your skin care regime though, this would be an excellent choice.

A surprising twist on traditional exfoliation, this exfoliant leaves skin both  smooth and soft, and it is great to find something that isn't harsh and abrasive to the skin, but still packs a hefty punch. If you can overlook the higher price point, this could be a great addition to a skincare regime.
Price- £32
Where to buy - Beauty Bay, Salon Skincare  Cult Beauty


  1. this looks like the dermalogica daily microfoliant - which I love! x

    1. Oooh I haven't tried that. I do really like this though, I'd never tried anything like it before!

  2. I've been wanting to try Alpha H as I know its supposed to be great at controlling outbreaks! I like the look of their Liquid Gold but this looks very interesting too. x

    1. I tend to have quite blemish-prone skin and this seems to have tamed it a little. If you were thinking about purchasing something from the range, I would definitely recommend it.

  3. Interesting product - id definitely like to try it!! X

  4. I saw the owner of the company talking about it on QVC and she said you can even use it around your eyes!
    I would really like to try this once all my other exfoliants are used up.

    1. It is very gentle, although I'm not sure I would use it around the eye area, but that's just me :-)
      I'd certainly recommend it!