Sunday 15 April 2012

Sunday Samples - Liz Earle, Jane Iredale and Vaseline Body Lotion

Its been a while since I've explored some of my samples stash, so I thought it was about time I had a quick delve into it. 

Jane Iredale Lip and Cheek Stain in Forever Pink

This came with a recent Jolie Box and having never heard of Jane Iredale before, I was excited to try it out.  Jane Iredale products are all mineral products and aside form the odd Bare Minerals flirtation, I haven't tried many mineral cosmetics products previously.  

I tried this on both the lips and cheeks and far preferred it on my lips.  On my cheeks, it looked a little greasy and disappeared within a few hours.  It was also very lightly pigmented and I prefer my cream blushes to be more pigmented.  On the lips, it gave a slight sheen, and lasted around an hour and a half before I needed to reapply.  It felt more like a balm though and was perhaps too subtle for my pigmented lips.  For those who like natural makeup, with a  barely-there lip, this may be a good buy, but I have lots of lippies already like this and I didn't feel it added anything to my collection.

Vaseline Essential Moisture Clean Feeling Lotion

I usually prefer body butters to body lotions as they tend to feel richer and more luxurious.  This body lotion from Vaseline was pretty much as expected - fairly lightweight and non-greasy, although it did take some time to sink in.  I tend to moisturise my body in the evening though so it didn't affect my morning routine. 

Scent wise, it was fairly innocuous and from the swatch above, you can see it was slightly runny  and a little difficult to control consistency-wise.  All in all, a decent budget body lotion but nothing earth-shattering, and I think I prefer Nivea's version.
Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate

I kind of blow hot and cold with Liz Earle - some of her products I love but some I feel rather lukewarm about as they aren't the miracle products I was expecting.  The Superskin Concentrate was on of these products but in fairness, I'm not sure if I am the target audience for this with my oily skin. 

Ths Superskin Concentrate is an oil that you warm in your hands and apply after cleansing in the evening.  The scent is a delightful mixture of lavender and chamomile which aids relaxation before bed, and the oil absorbs quickly without leaving an oily or greasy feeling.  My skin did feel a little softer but that was about it.  I didn't feel more radiant or feel that my skin was in a particularly better condition than previously.  

As this was only a 2ml sample, I am curious to see if I would experience any significant benefits in the long term with regular use.  Skincare is such an individual thing and I usually prefer to test something for at least a month before judging its performance.

Have you tried any of these products?  



  1. I own the roller ball verion of the Superskin Concentrate. I do like it but I doubt I'd repurchase. It does seem to last forever though.

    1. I didn't mind it but didn't think it did anything particularly fabulous for my skin. I could see it lasting a long time though - I've hardly used up any of my sample over the past week!

  2. I love the Jane Iredale Lip & Cheek stain x

    1. I did like the consistency for my lips but think I would have preferred something more pigmented. I understand beauty boxes have to go with the shade that would suit most people though.