Monday 30 April 2012

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy

As part of my mini haul of China Glaze products from US eBay, I picked up Flip Flop Fantasy, initially released as part of the Poolside Collection in 2010.  

Neon accents are very on trend at the moment and although I have yet to embrace the trend fully in my clothing, I can totally get on board with neon nails!

The colour in the bottle is seeringly bright and I am happy to announce that it remains suitably dazling when swatched and used on the nails.

The finish is semi-matte, as is common with many neons andI tend to use a top coat with it as I prefer the shiny, glossy look.   I did however find that it applied very streakily to the nails and it required three coats before it started to even out.  It was also quite liquid and difficult to control on the nail, although I have found this is common with other China Glaze polishes.
With Flash
In terms of wear time, it was only a couple of days before it began to chip, and when it chipped it flaked off in large chunks - there was no trying to cover it up with crackle polish like I normally do when I encounter short wear times!
Without Flash
The colour is gorgous, both in the bottle and on the nail.  However the issues with application and the short wear time meant it was just too much hard work for me.  I will be saving it for specific nights out and for when I am craving statement nails! 

Price - £6.59
Where to buy - Sally's, US eBay


  1. I looked at this a while back, it look like a lovely colour its a shame its a pain to apply xx

    1. Yes, I love the colour but it is a nightmare to apply and the chips I have today after only one day of wear are unbelievable. Very disappointed.

  2. This is such a lovely color, but too bad the wear-time is that fast. Is this from the neon range? I ordered one and now I'm apprehensive

    1. It was from the neon range but I think neons are often difficult to work with. I still love the colour and you may be better than me at working with it. You will certainly need a topcoat with this one though as without, it struggled through 24 hours :-(